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Bank on your phone number


Simple, modern, and reliable financial services to everyone with a phone number


  • Eyowo provides simple, modern and reliable financial services to anyone with a phone number. With Eyowo, you can spend, send, receive, save and borrow money with just your phone number.
  • Banking for all. From payments to savings to credit, we believe that everyone with a phone number should have access to modern financial services, a fundamental concept known as inclusion. We notice its absence, understand its essence and are ensuring its presence.
  • What can you do with Eyowo? 1) Send Money. Send money to anyone on their phone number. You can also send money to any bank account in Nigeria. 2) Spend Money. Pay for your electricity, internet, and cable TV subscriptions conveniently and securely. Also, spend online with our Dollar cards. 3) Receive Money. Get paid instantly on any phone number in Nigeria. 4) Save Money. Need to put some money aside? Save cash on your own terms and watch your money grow. 5) Borrow Money (At zero interest rate). Don’t run out of funds. Access money even when you have no money.
  • All your devices are welcome. About 56% of the adult population in Nigeria do not have access to smartphones. You can bank with Eyowo on all your devices; feature phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. You name it! Eyowo’s got you!

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