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Your Investment Passport.


Own Local and Global Companies - Apple, GTBank, Google, Dangote Cement, Alibaba, Manchester United and thousands more of your favourite companies right from your phone.


  • Invest: More options of assets from around the world than ever before. Start with as low as $10 or N1, 000.
  • Grow: Upgrade your investment knowledge. Whether you're less experienced or a professional, get access to tools and content from our in-house team and guests from around the world. Learn more about fundamental, technical and sentimental investing.
  • Share Ownership: Own your favorite companies and share the gift of ownership with colleagues, friends and loved ones.
  • Email Check-In: No red tape. We remove all the jargon so you can get on board with just your email.
  • Naira & Dollar Funding: Invest with both Naira and Dollar. Frictionless and painless withdrawals.
  • Fast Track Verification: We speed up the KYC process while providing you robust security and regulatory protection locally and globally.
  • Go Borderless: Start trading and investing. Take advantage of both local and global opportunities with your premium access.

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